The Audit Office Amaya Pineda and Associates, Professional Registration Number 1557, is a partnership established under the laws of El Salvador in Central America, and approved to practice professional audit and financial and tax consultancy, providing services to all kinds of companies in the national and international economy. It has a very friendly staff with knowledge and experience in financial and tax branches. Mr. Alex Amaya Luis Henríquez, Professional Registration Number 920, became the founder of the company in 1989 and currently governed as Managing Partner, with extensive experience working staff of more than 20 years on the run, has built a company that is proud and that through current opinions customers have confidence that their work speaks for itself.

Amaya Pineda and Associates is part of the international auditing firm and Consulting, Geneva Group International (GGI) based in Switzerland. This signature is positioned in the current Top 10 international audit firms conducted by Accountancy Magazine, which makes it one of the leaders in this area internationally represented in Central America and 100 countries around the world.